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About us

Roy and Elaine are now in their fifth year of operating the shop and will hopefully be keeping it open for many years to come!!   

Trading remains difficult with ever increasing costs and margins that are constantly shrinking. But hopefully with all the new house building going on in and around Hook we will gain some new customers? Plus we are always looking at innovative ways to improve what and how we do things. 

To encourage customers to keep using the shop, we have tried to adjust the stock to accommodate the majority of our regular customers requirements. However if there is something you need we are always happy to have a look and try and obtain it for you.


As time is so precious many customers order what they require so they can just come in, collect and go. This is a far cry from where the shop used to be. We used to have a manual price guide where most items had to be looked up, and then if you were paying by card, wait for what seemed an eternity while our machine processed the payment. Now that we have electronic tills and contactless payment, it is now very rare to have to wait before being on your way again.

We continue to strive to give a warm friendly greeting and if requested sound common sense advise about your pets requirements. This is all based on experience with our own many pets as well as being supported with training from some of our larger suppliers. 

We can normally support you with common issues that a pet owner will have to deal with, from minor accidents, dietary requirements, hygiene, fleas and pests etc. We will also point you in the right direction if we feel that specialist support and advice is required.   


If you have any ideas as to how we could help you or do anything differently we are open to all suggestions and welcome your comments.   

Tel: 01256 767301  Email: hookpetsupplies@btconnect.com 

8 Grand Parade Station Road, Hook, Hampshire RG27 9HF

Tel: 01256 767301   Email:  hookpetsupplies@btconnect.com

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